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Troubleshooting a Faulty Opener

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Troubleshooting a Faulty Opener

Faulty Opener | Garage Door Repair Inver Grove Heights, MN

You simply press the button on the remote control and the garage door opener does its job. It is super convenient to have an automated door. But what happens when the opener starts to malfunction? You should be prepared to take timely action.

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When the door opens normally, but refuses to go down when you press the button on the garage motor remote, the issue is typically with the safety components and mechanisms. You should check the safety sensors and confirm that they are properly aligned and receive power. If necessary, readjust them and replace their batteries. If these simple fixes do not help, the sensors have to be repaired or replaced. The specialists of Garage Door Repair Grove Heights explain that this must be done straight away as these components are crucial for the safety of the entire system. Less often, the problem is with the safety reversal mechanism. Still, it should also be checked and fixed, if required.

Strange noises coming from the opener are certainly a sign that something is wrong. You should try to identify the component which produces these noises. If they come from the garage door rail and the metal chain or screw of the opener, you should inspect these components for physical damage and for proper lubrication. Keep in mind that metal chain and screw drive have to be cleaned and lubricated at least twice a year. When the noises come from the motor unit, you should disconnect the device from the electric grid and have it checked and repaired as soon as possible.

In case the opener fails completely and refuses to work with the remote or the wall-mounted button, the causes of the problem could be many and different. If the motor is silent, it has to be checked along with the circuit board and the required repair has to be made. If the motor is working, there is most probably a broken moving gear that has to be replaced. You should also check the metal garage door parts. In case of a broken spring, for example, the motor will work, but the opener will not be able to operate the door.

If you take good care of the opener, inspect it and test it as part of regular garage door maintenance, the risk of having any issues significantly lowers.


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